Errata and Additions To Our Connections
September 2002

Correction for Our Connections page E-15 as told to Mimi Steffen by Virginia Gartland.

    After high school graduation in 1936, Virginia registered at Brooklyn College. She thought that a college degree was required for those entering the Cenacle.  She had chosen to work directly with people coming for retreats, spiritual direction, catecatics and other forms of spiritual ministry. She was totally surprised on Clare's Clothing Day in January 1937, when the Mother Provincial, Mother de la Chappelle, who knew of Virginia's desire to be a Cenacle Religious, told her she could enter the novitiate in September! Virginia couldn't believe it. She was jubilant -- but not for long. The Provincial thought she was older and Virginia would have to wait! Seeing Virginia's disappointment, the  Provincial said that she would think and pray about it. Mother de la Chappelle would let her know of her final decision later on. That May, Virginia was told she could enter on September 8, 1937.

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