A Golden Moment

Anne and Ed Whiteman Celebrate 50 Years!

    Anne and Ed Whiteman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on November 22, 2002.  They held a family celebration on November 30th to take advantage of the holiday weekend.  

    Anne said that her family anniversary photo is reminiscent of her grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary photo, taken on January 18, 1938, as seen in Our Connections between pages C-14 and C-15 .  Anne is the daughter of Veronica Murray and Eugene Yorke, and granddaughter of Catherine Burke and John P. Murray.  She also said that her parents, Veronica and Gene, were fortunate enough to celebrate their 50th anniversary in the same tradition in June 1978;  however, their photographer had spent all day at a wedding and was incapable of getting a decent photo.

                                           Front row:  Emily and Annie Culotta; Catherine Whiteman Culotta; Harrison Culotta; Anne Yorke Whiteman;
                                                     Sarah Sweigart; Pam, Preston and Morgan Whiteman.  Back row:  Kenny and Grace Culotta; Ed Whiteman, Jr.;
                                                     Tricia Whiteman Curran; Sheila Whiteman Sweigart and Daryl Sweigart; Michael Whiteman